Customer Service

DIVO offers post-sales and customer support, which includes:

– Spare parts supply: we keep our warehouse with most requested items and expendable materials in order to supply them as fast as possible;

– Qualified technical and technological support: our team of technicians and food-technologists are at your disposal for solving doubts or giving advice for correct use and maintenance.
If you bought your machine through DIVO’s retail network, contact your local distributor for every request.

DIVO Service:
Tel.: +7 831 214-41-51

Commissioning and repair work department

Departmant head:

Mendela Aleksey Maryanovich


Spare parts and consumables department

Department head:

Eremeev Andrej Gennadevich

+7(831)214-51-50, +7(909)284-05-73

Development of baking enterprises department

Work on the reconstruction and modernization of baking enterprises in the following areas:

— Mechanization and automation of production sites, lines, workshops;

— Designing production sites, lines, workshops with the construction of instrumental-technological equipment placement schemes;

— Creation of new productions at baking enterprises;

— Completion of production of modern technological equipment of leading manufacturers of European and Russian companies;

— Installation of equipment, commissioning, staff training and start-up.

Department head:

Kardynov Ivan Alexandrovich



Technological support department

Technological support for confectionary and bakery enterprises in the following areas:

— Designing of production sites with a complete set of reliable and cost-effective equipment;

— Selection of cost-effective and "delicious" technological recipes in accordance with market trends;

— The introduction of new technologies in mass production with the simultaneous training of personnel;

— Conducting technology audit at the enterprise with the definition of ways to optimize production;

— Assistance in the issuing of technological documentation.

Department head:

Panteleeva Olga Alexandrovna


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