Dosing machine Magnum series Magnum DP model, piston type

Страна производителя: Russia

Dosing machine is designed for filling donuts, éclairs and cream puff, cannoli, brioche, croissants, etc.

The machine can work either in manual mode (by pressing pedal, single dose is made) or in continuous mode (by pressing pedal, the machine makes continuous dosing until stop).

Model Magnum DP is equipped with microprocessor, which allows setting pause between doses in continuous working mode. It guaranties good production and efficiency.

Control panel allows setting desired number of doses per one working cycle both in automatic and manual mode.

Dosing machine is equipped with safety devices according to СЕЕ safety standards.

High production makes manual labor automatic.

Dosing machine is equipped with:

  1. Key for dosing adjustment;
  2. Needle with diameter 6 mm;
  3. 2-needle nozzle 2х6 mm;
  4. Needle diameter 10 mm;
  5. Needle diameter 8 mm;
  6. Non-return valve;
  7. Pedal.



Magnum DP

Capacity of the hopper, l


Dosage, cbcm


Power supply, V


Fixed power, kW


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Price, RUB

140 000,00